Courtney met Kurt Cobain in a nightclub in Portland, Seattle on 12th Jan 1990, she had already developed emotion towards him after seeing him perform but Cobain dismissed Courtney’s love at first.

The two got married on 24th February 1992, she wore a white lace & satin gown and Kurt famously wore his pyjamas.

During Nirvana’s tour stop in Munich in 1994, Cobain was diagnosed with severe laryngitis and bronchitis and sent to Rome for medical treatment. According to Courtney, she found out Cobain had overdosed on Champagne and Rohypnol and was rushed to hospital.

After that incident, the pair experienced a domestic issue where Love called the police to their home. Authorities confiscated three guns and some pills from Cobain, where he wasn’t attempting to end his life, just hide from Courtney he said.

After some time of interventions from his friends, Kurt finally agreed to go to rehab in LA, where he broke out of and got a flight back to Seattle. On April 8th 1994 an electrician discovered Kurt’s body at his home, although the coroners report stating he died on the 5th of April.  

Following Kurt’s death, Courtney held a service with over seven thousand mourners and fans attending to pay their respects. Love read parts of Cobain’s suicide note out to the crowd.

Just about every time you turned on MTV or the radio in the days before Insta and Twitter, there would be a blurb about Courtney talking about someone else. Saying they sucked, their music sucked, why she hated them. She seemed to gain a lot of happiness having everyone hate her. She even said “you’re not a real musician until you’ve slept with Winona Ryder or had a fight with me.”

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Courntey Love