Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is a Canadian former sprinter.

During the 87-88 season he held the title of world’s fastest man, breaking indoor World Records for both 100m and 60m races. He won gold medals in the 1987 World Championship and 1988 Summer Olympics before being disqualified for doping and stripped of his medals. Johnson was disqualified three days after his record-breaking run after his urine sample contained stanozolol.

He later admitted to having used steroids when he ran his 1987 world record which he was stripped of too. In testimony before the Dubin inquiry into drug use in sport, coach Francis charged that Johnson was only one of many cheaters, he just happened to get caught.

Often named “The dirtiest race in history” the 1988 100m final only had two out of a total eight runners who remained clean throughout their careers.

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Ben JOhnson