December 22, 2023
16:00 - 20:00


Growing up on a mango farm in a town of 340 people in Australia’s far north, René’s story is one of a kind. René’s first introduction to music was through his parent’s vinyl collection of acclaimed songwriters such as Cat/Yusuf Stevens, The Beatles, Billy Joel, The Eagles and Bob Dylan. It wasn’t long until René picked up the guitar at 12 years old and began teaching himself to play.

Besides school, René played competitive Australian Rules football and in his spare time rode horses, went fishing or worked on the farm. At 16 years old, the school musical came around, and having never sung to anyone even his family, René decided to audition and got selected for the lead role as Peter Pan. This was René’s introduction to the stage.

At 17 years of age, René took another leap of faith, moving out of home to pursue a promising AFL career with the Gold Coast Suns. Studying Physiotherapy and playing semi-elite football gave René little time to work, so he began busking to pay rent. Starting out with his dad’s 40 year old microphone and a cheap speaker, René began honing his talent through hours of busking.

In 2019, René auditioned for The Voice AU and was casted immediately. This experience René describes as a pivotal moment because he had never considered music as a career – until now. 

Infusing folk elements and dream-like pop production, René’s development has seen him grow from self taught guitarist to fully fledged artist in a very short period of time. Connecting and resonating with thousands through his unique vocal tone, René’s first independent release ‘Here For You’ quickly garnered attention from industry and fans alike, surpassing a million collective streams and counting. His catalogue includes 2 EP releases titled, ‘Watch Me Fall’ (2020) and ‘In Your Atmosphere’ (2022) leading the young artist to gain nominations for the Vanda and Young International songwriting competition, Gold Coast Music Awards, and a top-3 pick in Nashville’s Rising Song competition. René is also no stranger to the live space, performing both electronic shows (with his band) and acoustic shows (solo) across the country.

Rene’s undeniable star quality will continue to develop in the years to come, as he releases his debut, independent singer songwriter pop album titled ‘Telepathy’ in 2023.

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